Sports Physicals

Reminder that our free physicals will be on April 5th after school. ALL students that plan to play sports next year need to attend!!! Your name needs to be on the list in the high school office. If you need added, please let us know.  All physicals expire on June 23,2023 UNLESS they're given after April 1st per IHSAA. We offer this at no expense to parents for that reason. You will need to go to our website & update Final Forms with current information BEFORE April 5th. If it's not up to date and completed before then, your student will not be eligible for the free physical. 
 *Please make sure to mark all sports you may be interested in. Incoming 7th graders may now mark a sport as well & must do so before April 5th. 
None of this pertains to seniors as your physicals will cover you for the summer sports. 
If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Courtney (Athletic Secretary) @ [email protected] or Mark Wheeler AD @ [email protected]